What We Do

Fresh Squeezed Music is a minority owned music house that partners with agencies, brands and production companies to provide award-winning music and sound design. From original music production, music licensing to early strategic planning, we got you covered.

Working with the freshest composers, musicians, vocalists, sound designers and DJ’s across the globe, we bring fresh tasty creative to the table on every project.

Looking to license music for your project?

Our music library, “The Fridge”, is full of thousands of tracks, most with the ability to customize.

We can curate a custom playlist for your project, no need for a membership or password.

Contact kyle@freshsqueezed-music.com to get started.

Who We Are

Brian Flores Executive Creative Director

Kyle Flores Executive Producer

With 30+ years under our belt, we bring a deep understanding of the power of music, its relation to the visual and its impact on the human psyche.

Let’s Jam!